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About Us

Part of the original vision board from 2010. The center logo is Acupuncturists Without Borders – an amazing nonprofit that treats trauma globally. (

Points of Hope was something envisioned back when SaraBeth was at Tai Sophia getting her Masters in Acupuncture. One of the professors asked the students to create a vision board of how they saw their practice (and life) in 5 years. A large part of her board depicted a future of providing NADA treatments to veterans. A veteran of the Air Force, SaraBeth always wanted to provide some sort of healing help for those who gave so much in service to their country and now may be dealing with the resulting trauma, trauma-related injury like PTS or TBI, or addiction that so often is a result of trying to cope with the pain of those injuries.

In 2017, SaraBeth was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a lumpectomy, and underwent months of radiation. She was lucky – as far as cancer treatment goes, hers was straightforward and easy. But it got her thinking, “I’ve been given this second chance. Now what?” It was time for Points of Hope to be realized.

After sharing her vision with two very talented healers and acupuncturists who agreed to join her on this path, SaraBeth Dukes, Jeanna Johnson, and Erin Devlin made Points of Hope a reality.