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Supporting the community through Acupuncture

Points of Hope is a 501(c)3 entity providing free acupuncture to veterans and other communities in need suffering from trauma, trauma-related injuries, and addiction.


5 Powerful Points

(NADA protocol)

All 5 points serve to balance the body’s energy and assist the body’s healing processes.

In general, the Sympathetic and Shenmen points produce a calming, relaxing and centering effect.

The other three points, Kidney, Liver, and Lung correspond to organs in the body that are considered nourishing, nurturing, restorative, and supportive.


Balances the sympathetic nervous system, has a strong analgesic and relaxant effect upon internal organs, and helps to regulate blood pressure.


Translates roughly as “spirit gate”. This point generally helps to alleviate anxiety and nervousness, and produces a calming, relaxing effect. It helps the process of going within, supporting the internal journey of healing. This point also helps to overcome chemical change during addiction recovery.


The Kidney in Chinese medicine is associated with growth, development, reproduction, courage, intelligence, and the aging process. This point influences a mental state of happiness, and relieves fear.


Chinese medicine (and acupuncture) theory associates the Liver with resolving anger and aggression and keeping the emotions and the body in balance and moving smoothly. This point stimulates hormonal functions and relieves muscle cramps. It also aids in clear thinking and decision making. In addition, this point helps relieve frustration, depression and anger.


In addition to respiration, the Lung is also involved in immunity and protecting the body from disease.

The Lung is associated with the grieving process and with letting go of sadness. This point aids in an improved sense of connection, self-respect and integrity, and provides us with inspiration from within.